Thursday, October 25, 2007

PARSCADT -- People Against Ryan Smyth Crying All the Damned Time

Is this what it looks like when Ryan comes home for Christmas ever year?
Andy Devlin/Getty Images

Dear Ryan Smyth,

Look, I have no problem with athletes showing "emotions" and "feelings." It's what keeps them human and allows us to relate so much to sport.

But puh-leaseeeeeee, give me a break Ryan Smyth. If you care so much about the Oilers that it continually brings you to tears, then you should have signed with them in the summer. If it means this much to you, then you would have taken $2.5 million to go play in Alberta and would have gotten over whatever hissy fit you had with Kevin Lowe.

Look, it was touching when you cried after being traded. I got that. The Oilers wanted to re-sign you and then turned their backs on you and traded you to the nether regions of hockey. I get it. You played in Edmonton for what seemed like your entire life. I know, I know.

But give me a break.

The moment that you signed anywhere else this summer, it was essentially a written statement saying that you had moved on. So why don't you?

Best wishes,


P.S. Apologies for a being a few days late about this but some of us have, you know, real life to deal with.

P.P.S. And no, I couldn't come up with a shorter acronym thank you very much.


  1. Come one Ryan cheer up you ol' bugger. Come on now, give us a grin!

    @kevin:about the signing for $2.5 million (or whatever) for Edmonton, Ryan knows you have to haggle. "10 for this you must be mad"--that sort of thing.

  2. Parscadt sounds like the last name of a Predators third line D, probably from Slovakia

  3. Do you think Smyth gets this emotional when he goes back to his old Junior teams, too?

    "Moose Jaw! I will never forget you!!"