Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Impressive Linguistic Talents - November 13

It's time for another one of these already? It sure seems like weeks go by in minutes these days. Before we know it, the Cup Finals will be here. I mean seriously. It's almost Thanksgiving!* Jeez.

*-In America, that is.

The Critically Un-Acclaimed Golden Mullet

loser domi on A Young Patrick Roy in the Making

I'd say he's more the next Theodore, but there's a distinct lack of blonde skanks, hair growth formula and herpes in the video to say for sure.

Sloppy Seconds

mr. plank on Epic Battle Update: Let's Try and Have a Winner this Time, OK?

Am I the only one who finds it troubling that the fate of the universe will only be seen in MN and CO? Thanks Mr. Bettman- I'll be eating Carl's Jr. in my underwear while the universe explodes.

Oh and here's a question- if Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer, can Ryan Smyth's save the universe?

The "Name Your Own Award" Award

pokecheck on Oh God, We're Going to Have to Listen to Mark Messier Speak (and Probably Cry, Too)

I just realized [Messier's] "leadership" award from last season has already disappeared.

Thanks for the extra effort this week team, and pokecheck, I would be careful if I were you now that you've started to unearth a possible conspiracy. Watch out for the guys in black suits with names like "A" and "K"!


  1. Ahhh...*stretches* it feels good to have that golden mullet again. It's so pretty and shiny. I guess everything is coming up Domi for this past week. And now cue the downfall...

  2. @mr. plank: His tears can only save Jupiter, unfair, but that's just how it works.