Monday, November 12, 2007

Napoleon Complex on Ice

Is it me or does Ryan Getzlaf look drunk?
Jim McIsaac/Getty Image

Saturday night the Rangers and Leafs squared off in the Hall of Fame Game, a game which was marred by a few players lacking the class and sportsmanship that the Hall of Fame embodies. The game itself ended in the most exciting fashion possible -- a shootout -- but 'bad boys' Sean Avery and Darcy Tucker decided to create their own sideshow.

During warm ups, the two didn't fight but did the whole "I'm gonna shove you and talk a whole lot but in the end not hit you anyway" thing. Basically, there was a whole lot of shoving and talking, and not a whole lot of fisticuffs. Somehow I imagine it quickly degenerated into a competition of manliness. Topics such as, who has more hair on their chest, who has the bigger mhmm and other such things. Chances are, it was the most intelligent conversation since President Bush's last speech. Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

The fight that the two had during the game wouldn't have cause me such a stir, and heck I probably wouldn't of even addressed it, if it weren't for the warm up shenanigans. While it all really wasn't too big of a deal, the event simply typifies the nonsense and lack of class that I have come to expect from these two. While I understand the role that they play on their team in getting their teammates fired up and whatnot, they could at least stand to show some class -- especially at the Hall of Fame Game of all places. A hard hit, or fight are prime examples of how to go about things. Not, you know, playing petty patty cake and arguing about who has the bigger cojones during the pre-game skate.

[end rant]

Update: And Wade Belak of the Leafs has some choice words for Avery:

"[Avery's] pissing guys off," Belak told The Sun. "He'll bring harm to himself and not too many guys around the league are going to be sad to see it. If he keeps this up, someone is going to kill him. One day he's going to say something the wrong way and he'll be clubbed.

"And I'm not saying it will be by me, either."


  1. Say what you will about Sean Avery... he's still banging Elisha Cuthbert

  2. I'll agree with what scotty Hockey said about this--I would've loved to hear the audio on this. I am intrigued by whose momma is a whore and such.

  3. Ryan - sorry to break it to you but they broke up a few months back.

    Kev - Class? Just because its the Hall of Fame game doesn't mean that the two guys should take the night off. Avery did his job and got Tucker off of his game. That simple. Sean went on to have a great game and his teammates followed while Tucker and the Leafs wilted (wilted, get it? Leafs wilted?? oh yeah!)

    And Belak is an idiot who can't fight or play defense. He is one of the many goons whose day is done in the 'new NHL' but the Leafs keep him around because lets face it, they can't get anyone else. You can't put a bounty on a man's head and Belak wasn't man enough to do so hmself, saying ti wouldn't be him to 'kill' Sean. Panzy.

  4. He still banged* Elisha Cuthbert

  5. I think a lot has to do with attitude towards the future. Over the last 30 years we have had a good life and kids have never worried about the future.