Friday, November 30, 2007

Pascal LeClaire Hurt, Nation of Canada Saved

Jim Mone/AP

Our Canadian readers can breathe a little easier and party a little harder tonight. Canada, you have been saved. For now.

Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Pascal Leclaire is currently sidelined with a pulled hamstring. There is no evidence of foul play and I'm not about to start naming names, but I think we all know who was behind this. When it came down to it, Leclaire's amazing play between the pipes was more of a threat to the well-being of the NHL than the entire nation of Canada.

Enjoy this, Canada, and don't make any false moves. For now you are safe thanks to the heroics of Leclaire, but be warned -- you are not yet out of the woods.


  1. The city of Columbus, as well as my fantasy team, weeps for its fallen hero.

    Seriously, this kid better not have "Hasek Groin", I'm just starting to climb out of the basement...

  2. So does this mean that the BJ's can go back to their regularly scheduled powersucking?

    hehe... BJs powersucking