Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Time for Giving Thanks -- with a Dash of Revenge

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! I hope it's a good one, and that you all enjoy your food comas today.

There are still NHL games tonight, four as a matter of fact. Nothing is on nationally as far as I know, but you can watch the Pens and Sens on Yahoo! Sports if you're outside those teams local areas.

One of the lousiest things that I can imagine would be getting a call Thanksgiving morning telling you that you've been fired. That's actually what the Washington Pricks Capitals did today, by firing their coach Glen Hanlon (more on that tomorrow). So while you are enjoying your Thanksgiving feast, remember that somewhere out there Glen Hanlon is plotting his revenge. If you hear reports tomorrow of a crazy white guy throwing turkeys at the MCI Center, you'll know what's going on.

He's still working on his "angry face".


  1. Yippie-ki-yay, melon Farmers!

    oh wait--wrong movie....oops

  2. and happy Thanksgiving from Da Great White North

  3. I am sad to see Hugs Hanlon go, but it had to be done. It SHOULD have been done earlier, but with three games in the next four days, I understand why they did it today of all days. Boudreau came in this morning for practice and is coaching his first game for the caps tomorrow at 1pm. Hugs is a classy guy, and he must have known that this was coming.

    That said, I hope the little man can give this team the kick in the ass it needs. Please God, let it happen. Please.

  4. Pretty ripped for a guy with a double chin

  5. Work it out, shake it lil Hanlon
    He's been doing the Jane Fonda