Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Many Faces of Wayne Gretzky

I was browsing through some photo galleries on Yahoo today, and it turns out that the AP did quite an interesting job of photographing yesterday's Coyotes game. They took a lot of pictures of 'Yotes coach Wayne Gretzky. I know it was his 100th win and all, but still. This is a little creepy. But the good (and important) news for all of us is that all of those pictures are HILARIOUS.

All photos, except one that is noted, are (C) Danny Moloshok of the AP. He's got to have a huge man crush on Wayne.

Alright, first up is the typical coach picture. He's thinking hard. He's watching the game with a serious intensity. The wheels upstairs are churning, if you will. Nothing to see here. Move right along. This one we'll call Serious Wayne.

HOLY BEJEEZUS!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! It looks like Wayne is trying to spew every demon from hell from his mouth and unleash them upon the zebras. If anyone needed nightmare fuel, you just got a Hulk Hogan-sized dose of it. Congratulations. This one we'll call Satan Worshiper Wayne.

Oh, man. Now this is the funny Gretz that we don't see to often. This is the guy that will buy you a couple drinks at the bar and right about now it looks like he smelt it and is looking for the person who dealt it. This one is 'I Smell Something Rank' Wayne.

Oh boy, he found 'em! "It was Peter Mueller!! I told you so! Get him, he's different!!"

"Oh, Mueller. You're such a silly bitch." (Trainer guy agrees.)

(C) Harry How/Getty Images

This final one may be the best of the bunch. Except for the satan worshiper one. It's Idiot Impersonator Wayne!

Wayne: "Oh man... Boys, look at the idiot over there trying to play net! His face gets all messed up when he makes a save. BAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Concerned Trainer Guy: "Um, Wayne. That's Bryzgalov. He's on our side."

Wayne: "BAHAHA! What a tart!"


  1. DUDE in the Wayne saying you're a silly bitch shot, look in the background. why is there an asian mother teaching her 2 year old daughter how to send text messages and why does she have such great seats???

  2. please, i'd rather have my kid text me to let me know that they're hungry than cry. i don't have time to handle their bitching and moaning, especially when they don't eat their vegetables.

  3. Last one COULD be Wayne letting one rip, too. Just a thought. Nice pink tie.

  4. last one could be him doing a Bill and Ted reference

  5. Wayne is looking a lot like is dad as time goes on.

    And the brunette sitting behind him is hot.

  6. The last picture is Wayne doing his best Terrence and Philip.

  7. I love this page and your site. Melrose and Wayne Gretzky are the best!