Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Week In: "Oh $%#$, We Messed Up"


It's been a while since we had one of these, and I'd say we're about due. First off, as today's news showed I obviously mislead all of you when I uncovered Peter Forsberg's letter to the NHL last week. I'm still standing by the combination of a Russian and Swedish accent though. And the picture of ABBA. But the rest... All made up. Complete blasphemy. There you have it, the cat is out of the bag. But there is still no proof that he can read and write English. I mean, I'm sure he can. I'm just one of those people who believes things when they see it (closed minded, I know).

Hey my imagination, you messed up.

The other news of the day, which was captured perfectly by Way Offside, is that Mats Sundin announced that he has no intention of letting the Leafs trade him (as per his no trade clause). The Leafs responded by going out and beating the Senators 5-0. The Sens, who were once way out there, have now been caught by the Devils and are in 2nd place in the East. They're only down by a point, but it's certainly worrisome for a team that was seven points out as recently as January 20th. The worst news though may be that the Habs are now only three points back in the divisional race.

Hey Ottawa, you need to stop messing up and get your act together!

Yahoo! Sports, who I enjoy dearly, had a nice little gaffe after the Penguins/Sharks game yesterday. The Sharks won the game 2-1 in a shootout with good ol' JR scoring the winner during the skills competition (where the hell has he been, anyway?). See if you can spot what's wrong with this headline... via Pensblog. Clearly there's a Pittsburgh bias going on there. But that's probably a good thing for you folks who, at the current moment, appear to be 16% Pens fans. At least thats what the poll tells me.

Hey Yahoo!, next time you do that make sure that you know how to change the actual outcome of the game, too.


  1. Happy Trade Deadline Day to everyone! I got into work 2 hours early for the coverage! Someone call the paramedics I need help!