Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Your Obligatory, Yet Unbelieveably Late, Trade Deadline Post

We're way past the point of late trade deadline coverage now. This is belated. Sort of like when you get a birthday card from a relative a month after the fact. The early part of my week is always the busiest, so other obligations (you know, life) kept me from hanging out around here more. I'd rather be here, but what can ya do?

Anyway, some thoughts on the trade deadline. There's so much to go through so here goes in no particular order.

Best news of the day by far: Jiri Fischer returns to the ice for the first time. Not in an NHL uniform, but awesome nonetheless.

John Buccigross, as much as I love him, may have finally gone off the deep end. I get nuts from time to time. You could call it fucking crazy if you like... But otters? Otters. (Say that in the Jim Mora "playoffs?!" voice)

Four Otters: Great deal! Well done! Your team is better. (Or could be.)
Three Otters: Good deal. Fans should like it.
Two Otters: Nothing great. Might have some upside.
One Otter: What were they thinking? You cannot be serious!

Four Habs Fans gets my nomination for post of the day.

I'm about ready to hand the Atlantic title over to Pittsburgh.

John Paddock is out in Ottawa. That's what getting spanked by the Leafs will do to ya. JFJ has no comment.

The Sharks got the reddest beard this side of Ireland.

And it's late and I'm tired. This was not a good effort on my part. I'm sorry.


  1. Thanks Kevin! True fact - in case of a water landing, Bob McKenzie can be used as a floatation device.

  2. I am disappointed. I was expecting your take on how Rob Davison will help the Isles for years to come.

  3. Buccigross has had a long-timer "friend" named Ken the Otter. Not sure what the fascination is, monkey's are supremely better

  4. first up, great to hear about Fischer. I'm not even a Wings fan, but I'm glad to hear he's still ok. Losing consciousness sucks (and mine wasn't even like that at all...)

    About the Buccigross article: I didn't even get past the phrase "underwear-wearing yahoos in the basement of their parents' house." Weirdo

  5. Just for the record:

    FanHouse Milburys > Bucci Otters.

    No contest.