Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last Call to be a Confused Hockey Fan

Yup, that bracket challenge is still open. Try it, you might even win yourself a guest post. The ball is round and it bounces, which I guess after last night isn't much different than hockey. But there aren't nearly as many white people and it's a lot warmer. No Gary Bettman either. All of those are clearly positives.

If you want to get in on BMR's bracket challenge skills competition festival then by all means read the next few lines of text.

All you have to do to signup (assuming you have a yahoo account) is click on this link:

Click "Join a group" and enter "90777" as the group ID # and "mullets" as the password. Make sure you make your picks before the first game on Thursday (Noon EST).

And here's more of the Swedish Chef so that this post has a purpose. Oh and major props to Zorkon, Master of the Universe for having the best Yahoo screen name ever.

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  1. Hey, Zorkon, Master of the Universe is me! This is definitely one of my favorite hockey blogs, too, even though I'm a Wild and Bruins fan and not an islanders fan. You're a good writer, keep it up.