Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Apology to Boston (and Nashville Can Come Too)

All apologies.

On April 9th, I said the following about the Bruins/Habs series in my Playoff Preview:

can we give Montreal a bye here? The Bruins offense is horrible, the Habs offense is outstanding and if they play any defense this series will be over by Friday.

I also said the following, less offensive, sentence about the Wings and Predators first round matchup:

Detroit in four. Moving on...

On April 14th, I got the following email from reader Jon H.

First of all. You do a hell of a job. My friends are I love your blog, keep up the great work.
Secondly, you called for the Bruins to basically be giving a bye to the Habs! I agree that Montreal has killed us all season, but man, we outplayed and outclasses them [in Game Two], and beat them [in Game Three]. The arena hasn't been that electric in a LONG time. There is NOTHING like playoff hockey. Take notice man, this B's team isn't flashy, hell they can be downright boring. However, they are tough, and if they work hard can play with anyone. This is exactly the kind of team Boston fans love. If we win tomorrow, things could get very very interesting. Then I'll expect an apology!
Seriously though, keep up the great work, love your work.
Go B's!

Last night, April 16th, the Predators won to tie the first round series at two games a piece.

Tonight, April 17th, the Bruins won with their backs up against the wall. In Montreal. By a large margin. The game ended 5-1 and sent the series back to Boston, giving the Bruins an opportunity to tie the series up.

I figured I'd mention this, as I'm really impressed with how both of these teams are playing right now. They've proven me wrong and more power to 'em. That's why they play the games. That's also why I don't get paid to predict the future. Now if only I could get my crystal ball tuned up.


  1. Looking at your playoff preview, I came across an interesting, albeit poorly-typed comment made by a handsome, intelligent hockey fan:

    "Scotty Hockey said...

    While I am giddy you actually picked the Rangers - smart man - I don't think yu should hae written off the Pred so quickly. Trotz has done a helluva job and Detroit has choked a good number of times after getting themselves the President's Trophy ...

    April 10, 2008 3:13 PM"


  2. apology accepted. Although most people made predictions like you did. I'm really glad that the Bruins have been persevering this season. The loss of patrice and kobasew are huge but other guys are stepping up.

    Go bruins!

  3. Hey, when was the last time the "professional" writers gave us their "wow, I blew it" column as to their predictions?

  4. Well the Bruins played a better games five and six than the Habs. I guess Montreal needed top learn how to close the deal. They did it in game seven 5-0. 4 down 12 left for the 1/4 cup!