Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sean Avery is Hospitalized

As per McErlain at FanHouse:

Just about an hour ago, the news hit the wires that New York Rangers winger Sean Avery had been transported to a Manhattan hospital overnight after suffering from cardiac arrest. Now TSN is reporting the why: A lacerated spleen:

Sean Avery has a lacerated spleen and will be out the remainder of the season, sources tell TSN.

The source went on to say that the laceration was detected with a CT scan after Avery was taken to hospital following the Game 3 with the Penguins.

The New York Rangers expect Avery to make a full recovery in the off-season.

The FanHouse guys are going to be all over this, so stayed tuned to them as the story develops.


  1. No snark- just wishing him a quick recovery.

    Now I request more Canadian invasions featuring mooses!

  2. on't tell me ... he was venting it again and it ripped a bit?