Friday, May 2, 2008

Falling Down. Not Looking. Let's See You Do That.

The Red Wings absolutely destroyed the Avs tonight. Even though the game may have been a bit boring for anyone who isn't from Detroit, at least the Red Wings provided us with some highlight reel footage. Henrik Zetterberg submitted his bid for goal of the year with this behind the back, falling down, cooking hamburgers with a blowtorch, balancing chainsaws over a pet store filled with cuddly animals, goal. OK, minus the blowtorch, hamburgers, chainsaws and pets. But you get the idea. It was pretty nasty.


  1. I can fall down without looking, no sweat.

    Wait, I'd have to be skating on ice at the same time? AND get a puck in? I call bullcrap.

  2. That was just awesome. How's a goalie supposed to stop that?

    Add that to Datsyuk's from Game 3 for highlight reel goals. If you haven't seen it, don't feel bad. Even the announcer missed it. Link at On the Wings

  3. Shooting without looking - by itself - is not all that impressive (I mean, the net is in the same place on each rink).

    Shooting a backhander, at speed, while spinning and falling after a hit in traffic - now that is fairly impressive.

  4. I'd be more impressed if he got me an A on my econ final...

  5. Once I did the same exact thing. Well, except I wasn't on ice. And I wasn't playing hockey. And no one was really around me. Mostly I was just walking down the steps and I tripped over some books. But I imagine it looked pretty much just like that.