Friday, May 23, 2008

Wings vs. Pens -- In Your Words

We've got a bunch of entries into the SCF contest, and here are some of the best...

Also, I'll be live blogging Game One at FanHouse tomorrow night. Feel free to stop by!

Pens in 6. Its going to be one of those changing of the guards series, one that ultimately shifts the landscape of pro hockey. I think the Pens have the right number of high impact, annoying (*cough* Crosby *cough*) players that will be in the headlines for years to come, while the Red Wings are getting old and some of their top players aren't much longer for the league. Mostly though, I'm still pissed off at what the Penguins did to the North Stars in 91, and as a Minnesotan, I'm pretty used to my teams flailing when they get to the big stage, so since I've thrown my weight behind the Red Wings, I've pretty much screwed them.

-Ryan from the Vic Times

who will win: Detroit

number of games: I'm always terrible at this part, but I'll say 6

why: Well, at first I was going to use my tried-and-true method of flipping a coin, but it rolled away and I lost it. Then I asked my Lil Lindros Bobblehead, but he didn't say anything. He just sat there silently judging me (or looking for his pants after an all night bender, I can never tell with him.) Lacking all other sources of prognostication, I decided Detroit would win since their color is red and red things, like sports cars and fire, usually go fast (although that still doesn't explain stop signs...)

-Loser Domi

I'm going with Pittsburgh in 6. Why? I have no idea. I don't even watch hockey that much and when I do, I'm blinded by the sportcoat designs of the Oompa Loompa otherwise known as Don Cherry. Plus, it's freaking June. The last thing on my mind right now is some ice, especially when I'm half naked outside and it's still hot. But I do know this. I was shocked to learn last week that both the Dominator and Chelios are still playing, much less still alive at this point. How old are they, 45? 50? Sid the Kid and his sidekick Malkin will blow by these clowns and hoist the Stanley Cup. But since the first two games will be on Versus, I could honestly care less since that channel is buried deep in the 300's and it's out of the way of everything I watch.

-Jason M. a serious hockey fan

And my favorite response...

This is the chance the NHL has been waiting for. Baseball had their Black Sox scandal. The NFL had "Spygate". The NBA had Donaghy, the 1984 draft and the 2006 Lakers/Blazers series. Hell, even hockey's inbred cousin ice skating had Tonya Harding and Sale and Pelletier.

This is the NHL's time to become a major player in the world of sports and to fix a series to get the best result possible; Sidney Christ's ascension into hockey heaven by winning the Cup over the San Antonio Spurs of hockey, the Red Wings. If ever there can pressure brought to bear on the refs, promises of cushy jobs to aging veterans (Chelios I am looking at you!) and even convincing Barry Melrose to take out Zetterberg's knee in order to get the San Jose job and stop blowing Chris Berman just to maintain his crappy ESPN gig, then THIS is the year the NHL comes down and hands the Cup to the Black and Gold.

They have to make the fix look convincing so I am going for 6 games 1 at home to help quiet the "Hockeytown can't sell out" detractors and 1 on the road so NBC can get as many games as possible to remind us once again how much American coverage sucks compared to even the lowliest Canadian coverage (Sportsnet, don't make me come over there).

Sincerely yours in Sidney,



  1. I'm guessing that you got four responses. YES.

  2. You like me, you really like me? Sadly the Pens are looking out of it. Time for the fix to begin, where is a tire iron?