Thursday, June 12, 2008

Your Weekly Allotment of Jabs at the TML

I was browsing through the epic website that is (think Wikipedia except everything is false, not just most of it) and, naturally, headed on over to the hockey section.

Let me just say that it's freaking hilarious.

Here's a sample from the Toronto Maple Leafs page. I think even Loser Domi would find this stuff funny.

Yeah, probably the only thing I would undo.

~ God on the Toronto Maple Leafs

Why do we suck so much?.

~ The Toronto Maple Leafs on the Toronto Maple Leafs

In Russia, Stanley Cup has gone over 40 years without advancing to YOU!

~ Russian Reversal on Toronto Maple Leafs


  1. GAH! Never use that picture again! My eyes!

  2. "Their lack of proper grammar doomed the franchise from the start."

    /William Buckley from beyond the grave.

  3. eyebleaf:

    And even if it is all jokes that we Leafs fans have heard 100,000 times befre, the rest of Uncyclopedia is awesome.

    @gray: I agree. Even the Inga Skaya picture is better than THAT guy. He's flippin everywhere. dammit.