Thursday, July 24, 2008

And the Award for Persistence in Anonymous Internet Mockery Goes to...

The internet can be a hateful, vile and cruel place. It can also be educational, fun and a land where chipmunks rule all who dare enter. It's every shred of humanity chronicled and indexed for all to see and explore. But I know you know this.

It's just that sometimes we need to stand up and applaud when someone makes a significant contribution to our tangled web. This is one of those times.

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about a new hockey blog on the scene that was anything but normal. Blogs can be filled with vitriol and anger, but this one soared above the rest. Yes, I'm talking about Peklund the Phoney Hockey Blogger. 12 months later, they're still going strong mocking Eklund from hockey buzz. Most people are content to just yell random obscenities in a chat room or mess with someone on instant messenger. But no, not these folks. They have taken anonymous internet bashing to a whole new level. And for that, they should be recognized.

So, if I had an awards show with a big red carpet gala, these folks would be invited. Even though there isn't anything like that with free hors d'oeuvres, we can pretend. Today, I am proud to give the Award for Persistence in Anonymous Internet Mockery to whomever it is that runs the blog Peklund the Phoney Hockey Blogger. The countless hours you have spent anonymously mocking someone who is, also, anonymous have not gone unnoticed. For this, we thank you.

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  1. He takes Tim Horton coupons as payment, I love that site!