Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Get Called Out -- And Deservedly So

So just a quick question for you tonight. Do you know the significance of today? Does it strike you as a day that is not like the other 364 on the calendar? Me neither. It's July 15. All that's on my mind is going to the beach. If only I didn't have to work all day. Wait... What's that? There's something important about today?

From Here Come the Hawks:

I am appalled that Barry Melrose Rocks has done absolutely NOTHING to wish our favorite former ESPN announcer a happy birthday. Maybe now that he's off coaching whoever Pittsburgh failed to re-sign they don't care about him as much, but don't get down Barry, some of us still love you. BMR - the real Barry Melrose is awaiting your apology.

Happy Birthday Barry

Yeah. Today was Barry's birthday and I, nor any of the commenters here (Yes, I'm lumping you in with me to deflect some blame), realized it! And we got called out by an upstart Chicago Blackhawks blog for it! Oh, the shame. I'll never be able to go out in public hockey chat rooms ever again. But come on... The Blackhawks of all teams. You remember them, they have been a farm team for the last fifteen years or so. That's the real slap in the face here. I mean, if it were a Red Wings blog, that would be different. We're used to them being all uppity and smart ass.

But hey, so yeah, happy birthday Barry!

(Please don't be mad we forgot.)


  1. Also Kev, when do we get ice cream cake? C'mon BMR, get on it!

  2. Usually you're supposed to have prospects to be a farm team - the hawks have just been really shitty.

    Comparing us to a Red Wings blog stings a bit.

    Don't forget to pass us some cake though!