Thursday, August 28, 2008

Giving the people what they want

Ooh yeah, baby, that's gratuitous
Japers' Rink

Every time I post here, it seems, loyal commentor BlackCapricorn laments the lack of ice girls in my posts. Far be it from me to leave a bad impression, so here is a picture of some girl on the Florida Panthers' ice girls team. Frankly, what else can you do in southern Florida with a pair of skates?

If you have anything to say to me directly in the future, because I forgot to drop this knowledge on you last week, my e-mail addy is thevictimes[at] I need your name and address if you would like an autograph.

For the time being, enjoy this young lady exposing roughly 48% of her boobs (especially you BC!), even though I'm pretty sure half the readers here are female as well.


  1. Wow- all I can say is THANK YOU! She seems friendly, I wonder if she wants to come up to my apartment for a month, or three.

  2. @WAC Did I forget to leave my e-mail address?

  3. She looks cold. I oughta get her a jersey (a non-pink one) so she doesn't catch pnemonia or something. Also, she orginally came up as a tiny white square, which really amused me for some reason.