Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McKeon vs. Leonsis, Round 2: If You're So Smart, You Try It!

An artist's rendition of what Ross McKeon may or may not look like.

On Saturday I told you about a cute little war of words (no Tom Cruise) between Caps' owner Ted Leonsis and Yahoo!'s Ross McKeon. It was the usual media/owner banter.

You know how that is. One guy goes 'your team should be contracted' and the other retorts with 'why do you want children to starve?'


Usually feuds like this fade away. Either the owner has better things to do (likely) or the writer is so used to criticism he couldn't give a shit (also likely). But not this time. This time they may duke it out right in front of our eyes for our entertainment! We get to take on the role of excited onlooks oh-ing and ah-ing in the hope that someone gets curb stomped at the end of the night. That way all of us bloodthirsty villagers can go home happy.

So today, in a move I certainly didn't see coming, McKeon let loose on Leonsis over at Yahoo! The bloodthirsty villagers are getting what we want. McKeon started off by saying his original post was 'tongue-in-cheek' and went on to address Leonsis' points.

I'm not surprised [Leonsis] would be offended by the suggestion of League contraction. Although I highly doubt he would have said boo if Washington wasn't on my "list."

All of his points, those besides the personal attacks (who said I'm a freelance writer?) came down to money, which is his expertise considering the success he's had as a businessman. That's all fine and good, and might help to explain, too, why his team raised tickets prices for the upcoming season, some seats by as much as 10 percent.

It wasn't long ago Washington was struggling at the gate, and struggling mightily with season-ticket sales.

Oooooh! Sick buuurn!

But that's not the best part. Not nearly. McKeon decided to go the distance and start poking Papa Bear Leonsis with a stick -- issuing a challenge to the candid blogger/owner to write his own 5 Ways to Change the NHL.

But what I would like to hear from Leonsis -- since maybe we have his attention and maybe he's one of the few owners in the league brave and smart enough to really say what he thinks -- is what are your five ideas for change?

So, Ted, from an owners' perspective, what could improve? Let's hear it. And as we can all agree, that would certainly be more interesting and entertaining than reading about me.
Settle in folks and grab some popcorn. This could get really good. There's nothing more dangerous than poking the 500lb gorilla in the room with a stick, and I think that's what McKeon just did. The best part -- McKeon doesn't care. Journalists are impervious to criticism! What with their leather suits that reflect all sharply worded statements!

That's all from me for right now. Ryan will check in with you on Thursday. See you on Friday!


  1. Fight, fight fight! Fight for my love!

  2. Yahoo! writer tweeksing the guy who owns AOL?

    Big deal.

    And whose cheeks has McKeon been stciking his tongue in?