Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BMR Fantasy Leagues are Ready to Go!

One of the cool things we did last year, at least in my opinion, were our fantasy hockey leagues. And now it's time once again to get your fantasy hockey on!

We're doing things slightly different this year. The first thing is a 12-team BMR Invitational League. This should be a good time and it's comprised of a bunch of different people; Ryan and myself, friends of the site, a few regular commenters and the winner of last year's fantasy league, Phoenix Pharts. Here's the exact rundown.

  • Ryan
  • Myself
  • Phoenix Pharts (returning Champs)
  • Eric McErlain
  • Earl Sleek
  • Pensblog
  • BlackCapricorn
  • Kevin M (one of my good friends)
  • Jason Plank
  • Scotty Hockey
  • wufpirate
  • Loser Domi
We're doing a live-draft for this one, and I'm considering live-blogging the event. Hopefully this turns out to be a pretty fun league for everyone.

The second league, which just went live, is open to everyone. It's first come, first served. It's also a 12-team league on Yahoo! and the signup information is below. We'll see how quickly that league fills up, in which case more may be opened. The only requirement for this league is that you must be on top of your team for the duration of the season. The worst thing you can have in a fantasy league are 'dead' teams. So here's all the info, and good luck to everyone!

Sign up link
League ID: 27086
Password: stamkos
Live online draft: Sept 21, 7:15 PM EST


  1. Kevin, despite what your heart tells you, drafting Yashin will not win you the trophy.

  2. Woo! Basement cleanin' here I come!

  3. With the first overall pick, Kevin is proud to select a goaltender out of Boston College, Rick DiPietro.

    Hahahahaha. Can't wait!

  4. (note to self, get more vodka and rum. No way am I doing this sober. It'll lessen the pain)

  5. Can Kevin keep his fantasy goalie for 10 years though?

  6. Last spot in the free-for-all league are belong to me.

  7. I'm very excited to show what a homer I am for drafting Toews way way way too early in the free for all league..

  8. Very nice 9/11 Memorial Kevin.

    Geez,I am feeling tons of pressure to be included in this awesome list of notables. I just hope I can repeat so I can come back again. I'm not what you would call a chatterbox by any stretch, so tons of posts from me probably won't happen. But I do read the Blogs that you have listed here and some you don't. There are some really gifted people gathered here.
    Anyway, all the best to everyone involved.