Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fantasy Hockey Update


Just a quick update about the BMR fantasy hockey leagues...

The Invitational League is drafting tonight. My apologies to everyone for moving it back a day, but real life got in the way. We'll be good to go at 9:30 EST tonight (Tuesday).

The free-for-all league is all drafted and ready to go. Let the games begin! About time, ain't it?

Good luck to everyone involved in the fantasy leagues! If there is any interest in starting a third league, please express your interests in the comments. Speak now or forever hold your peace sort of thing.


  1. Stupid once a week class with it's stupid requiring me to be there during the draft. Stupid.

  2. I preranked and will be somewhere above the Atlantic while drafting. Hmm, being that high, maybe I should pick Theo Fleury? Ba-dum-dum-chhhh

  3. My prerankings are just stupid, stupid. Scotty get your hands off my number one pick!