Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joe Sakic: Future Hall of Famer or Down on His Luck Riverboat Gambler?

(Read in Sam Elliot's cowboy voice)

Somewhere in along the line, Ol' Joe got mixed up with some bad folks. It was never supposed to work out this way, but, well, life doesn't always go the way we would like it to.

You see, Joe used to be a mighty fine ice hockey player back in his hey day. Joe could skate, shoot 'n score with the best of them. Then one day the ol' body got a little too beaten up from all the years Joe had been banging it up and down the ice. It had enough and Joe decided that he had enough, too.

But that's where it all went downhill for Good Ol' Joe. See, Joe was the type who couldn't sit still. He always had to have his hands in something. That's probably part of the reason why he played hockey for as long as he did. It was his passion and it kept him occupied.

Pardon me for getting a bit off track there. The short version of the tale is that Ol' Joe got to befriending some shady folks. They weren't the best of folks, but they kept things interesting, and that was enough for Joe. He'd go out for a bit, have a good time, then come home and spend time with the Missus and the kids.

Well, one morning Joe woke up in a jail cell in some small little town along the Mississippi. Turns out that Joe had too much to drink, lost a lot of money on one of them riverboat casinos and started some trouble with some of those shady folks. Poor Joe. He's a good guy, just was a victim of circumstance. Now Joe's got to get home and try to explain to the Missus why he hasn't been home in two days and lost his paycheck. It's gut check time now, cowboy. Ol' Joe's got a mighty tough situation on his hands...

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