Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reader Commentary Theatre

Well, this post got delayed a couple of days. I promise it was a good reason: SEC football. That stuff will eat up your life and make you late for work on occasion. It's especially problematic for those brave souls who start tailgating on Friday morning for a Saturday night game. Taking 48 hours of your life to get shit drunk to watch a bunch of teenagers run around hitting each other in 95* heat and 350% humidity is really something that should be commended. Or banned. One of the two.

But I digress.

Someday... Someday we'll get this thing posted on a Friday. But anyway, here are your comments of the week.

My parents hated me and only gave me a box of soap for Christmas; therefore this post offends me.

- Black Capricorn on last week's Reader Commentary Theatre

free Jeremy Roenick dance lessons to all!

- Going Five Hole on The Vote for Leahy Campaign Begins

My Mommy says I'm as big as the sky!

- Loser Domi on South Park Meets Reality

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  1. If I comment I make in "Reader Commentary theatre" makes it into another "Reader Commentary theatre", does the internet asplode?