Friday, October 17, 2008

The Edmonton Oilers are Afriad of the Power of the Internets

"That someone who is passionate about the team writing for other fans is viewed by the organization as some kind of threat is patently ridiculous and narrowly shortsighted."

- grease trap

Yours Truly: Hey, you there up in Western Canada!

*startled Albertan turns around*

Startled Albertan: Hey... Um... What's up?

Yours truly: You've heard of the internet right?

SA: Did you really just ask me that? Do you think I'm some hick?

YT: Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. It's just that it's 2008 and the Edmonton Oilers don't seem to fully understand it yet.

SA: The Oilers don't understand something... You don't say?

YT: Good point. But even with all the boneheaded things Kevin Lowe has done, you would think there would be people somewhere in the organization who had their head on straight.

SA: Yeah, it's a big organization and he's just one employee. Any rational person would make that assumption.

YT: OK. So we've established that. But then, why are they so afraid of the internets?

SA: What do you mean?

YT: Well, Covered in Oil, a serious, respected and very popular hockey blog (unlike this one) was recently kicked out of the press box. The reasoning seems to be nothing more than some sort of paranoia. Could Ted Stevens be at the helm of their PR and Media Relations departments?

SA: Could be. Or maybe Kevin Lowe is in charge of more things than we first thought.

YT: Good point. Damn you Lowe! DAAAAAMNNNNN YOUUUUUU!!!!

SA: Take it easy man. It's only the press box. All that blogger will be missing out on is some free food and a strong feeling of smugness due to his clear superiority over the common man. And the Oilers, well, all they get is bad press for not understanding modern technologies.

YT: Touche. You are very wise, sir.

SA: Yeah, not everyone in Alberta is living in 1954. You would be surprised.

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