Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Handy Guide to What You Missed This Weekend: 10.26.08

OK, so I think I've finally got this figured out. Since there aren't usually a lot of updates here on the weekend, I'll recap what we missed in one handy post each Sunday. How does that sound to you?

[ Flyers Fan Attempts to Perpetuate Stereotypes of Philadelphians ]

The city of Philadelphia is nicknamed the city of Brotherly Love, but if you're familiar with their fans, it might as well be anything but. I'm not saying that it's a bad city or that everyone in it sucks -- it's not and they're not -- but sports fans in Philadelphia really don't have much of a reputation. It goes all the way back to the alleged booing of Santa Claus in 1968 (no, really) and has carried into the present day, most recently with the booing of [Name Censored], although that one was forgivable and pretty much expected.

But Saturday night, one lone dumbass did all he or she could to perpetuate this stereotype that has plagued the city for generations. Here's the gist of it, from the Courier-Post via FanHouse.

The Flyers thought they had won the game 3:14 into the extra period when Brodeur made a spectacular save on Simon Gagne.

Immediately after referee Dave Jackson waved off the goal, a fan on the second level hurled a smoke bomb onto the ice. It took a couple bounces and landed in front of the Devils bench, where Flyers captain Mike Richards pushed it with his stick.

And this got through security, how?

Around the internets, this episode is garnering a lot of laughter -- and well it should be. But it begs the serious discussion of how this was allowed to happen and that we should remember it could have been a lot worse. The conduct of fans in America makes us look like PBS when compared to our counterparts in Europe and South America, who are a lot closer to Girls Gone Wild. But on Saturday night, for a brief moment, one fan in Philly resembled a soccer hooligan and the situation, a complete joke. So let's take this event seriously, figure out how it can be avoided in the future and thank our lucky stars it wasn't a more serious type of bomb.

[ Winter Classic Goes Really, Really Old School ]

This weekend the NHL unveiled the jerseys that the Hawks and Wings would be wearing at the winter classic this year and it was way, way old school. We're talking your grandparents kind of old school. I can't really describe this better than the NHL did on

Chicago will wear a primarily black jersey with red and beige horizontal body stripes that was worn by the club in 1936-37... Detroit will wear a white-based jersey with a single red body stripe inspired by the jerseys initially worn by the club circa 1926-27.
Yup. They're going pre-WWII old school. Now that's what you call straight ballin'.

[ Questionable Rear End Advertisements ]

And the image of the week comes to us from the UFC and it's mixed martial arts fighting. You either have to have a lot of guts, or a good sense of personal self respect if you put an ad for "Condom Depot" on your rear. What caused this fighter to sign that ad deal, I have no idea. But we will be in negotiations with the Depot to put banner ads up here on BMR as soon as we are as desperate as that guy.*

* - We don't ever plan to be as desperate as that guy.

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