Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Ducks look stupid!

Is it me or does Ryan Getzlaf look stupid?
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

I learned something this week over at the Times. I learned that making fun of the Ducks uniforms is a surefire way to get a ton of attention, a ton of hits. In that spirit, I'm here to make fun of the stupid Ducks.

- What's the deal with that script? The number font? It looks like they are trying to get me to play at their arcade.

- What is that, black and bronze? This isn't what Gordon Bombay would have wanted.

- Oooooh the D looks like a duck foot! That's so lame! Oh wait. Your team name is the Ducks! Ha! Least intimidating nickname in the NHL

- These stupid uniforms are probably why Brian Burke left. He found foliage more intimidating than waterfowl.


  1. Least intimidating nickname in the NHL

    It may shock you to learn, but guess what? All team names are stupid.

    I totally agree about the bland uniforms, though. The Ducks were so scared to offend anyone after the Disney logo got slammed that they went with text-only, and I hate it. Better to be boldly silly than timidly safe.

  2. Earl, it's mostly a joke... I'm still making fun of Oregon, really.

  3. All team names are stupid.

    Some are worse than others. I never understood the Avalanche. An unpredictable mass that lacks the necessary strength and cohesion in order to prevent a spectacular self-destruction, swallowing nearby communities into a suffocating void just before the Springtime playoffs.