Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reader Commentary Theater XI

We really broke the budget for this picture.

I was all ready to do RCT on Friday and then THE EVENT happened. Sometimes life just throws a fork in your plans... Or distracts you a lot. Somehow I imagine that you guys aren't going to be too upset about RCT occupying a space on Saturday. Heck, you're probably used to it by now.

And now, your comments of the week in no particular order.

Maybe the Rock will sponsor 10 cent beer nights to really fill the place up.

- Black Capricorn on Oh, Those Lovable, Drunken Ranger Fans

I don't have Versus or Rosemount City Council Meetings. I shall spend the evening sober.

- Beth on The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week (Minnesota at Pittsburgh)

I can't believe "ragging on the Islanders" didn't make the cut.

- Murph on Introducing NHL Blogger Bingo

This one time a Chief got a hattie and I wanted to throw my bra but I didn't know if it was in the law or whatever to award some bright young 17 year old whippersnappers' with tossing my WonderBra. Plus going to guest services after the game to retrieve it would have been awkward.

- Wrap Around Curl on A Handy Guide to What We Missed This Weekend: 11.10.08

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