Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ryan's Beard Quest

The oft injured Marian Gaborik

My dear Barry Melrose Rocksians.... I didn't post on Thursday because of the American holiday of Thanksgiving (you all have heard of it, right?). I hope you were able to drink by your own devices. In any event, now I have a whole week off of work. Left with nothing to do, I have decided this is the perfect opportunity to grow a beard. I have many conditions for which will determine the duration of the beard. The most pertinent for you? I will not shave it until Marian Gaborik plays hockey again. So come on back, son. I'm itchy.


  1. He actually injured his groin when he crossed his legs for that picture.

  2. His spine also suffered contusions by sitting in a high-backed chair.

  3. Ryan, you mean a beard on your face you, like, a "beard"

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