Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Kevin is out of town, so holding down the fort will be Ryan and a star studded cast of guest posters who will be stopping throughout the week. Please welcome your overlord for the day, [The Pensblog].

Anyway, that should be it. I'm headed out in the morning. Hopefully I'll come back a multimillionaire and be able to retire by Sunday. Thanks again!


A few weeks ago, on this very website there was a post about oneliners from David Caruso of CSI Miami.

We loved the idea so much, we stole it of course.
For those who have never heard of David Caruso's oneliners, they come from the show CSI-Miami.
At the beginning of every show, the head of the Miami CSI, David Caruso gives a cheesy oneliner.
The video of endless oneliners is one of the most viewed youtubes of all time:

So we asked a bunch of our readers to send some photoshops in using a template one of our readers found last year.

Enjoy. And feel free to stop over to our site today and vote for your favorite.

Click to enlarge.


  1. I maintain everything needs Spaghetti Cat. Or Mankini.

  2. Jesus. That is as epic as posts come.

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