Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Melrose With Some Parting Shots at Tampa Bay

OK, so. Things are really starting to get messy with the whole Barry Melrose getting fired by Tampa Bay thing. I'm about 10 hours late on this, so excuse me if you've already heard about it.

Apparently, Melrose was on Fan 590 in Toronto earlier -- the same Fan 590 that last year couldn't back up their claim that Sean Avery made some cancer jokes about Jason Blake -- giving his two cents on his firing in Tampa. Hey, the guy has a lot of time to kill between now and his return to ESPN on January 1. At least he's putting it to an entertaining use.

There are a couple highlights... Melrose all but explicitly saying that he hates Len Barrie, possibly alluding to Barrie coaching the team a bit... Then, of course, there is the infamous "I hope Tampa doesn't win another game" line. That's epic. It's probably going to stick around for a while too. I hope Matt Barnaby or some Sportscenter anchor has the guts to mention it the next time they are going through highlights of a Lightning win. Just 'cause it would be funny... It's good times. Looks like things in Tampa are as crazy on the inside as they appear on the outside. Or maybe it's just Barry. It's really hard to tell, frankly.

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  1. Barry was just taking a page out of the Tiki Barber school of trashing your former team playbook. Kudos.