Monday, December 29, 2008

Paul Stastny Hurt, Snowblower Appointed Master of Universe

Some interesting news out of Colorado the last few days... Fantasy Hockey Legend and Master of the Universe Paul Stastny has broken his arm and will be out of service indefinitely for the Avs. The news comes as a shock all around the galaxy, as Stastny has long thought to have been indestructible.

In the short term, the Elders of the Galactic Council have appointed the snowblower that mangled Joe Sakic's hand Interim Master of the Universe until Stastny recovers. Condolences for Stasny have poured in from across the universe, as far away as the Zorklax Galaxy and from our owm Milky Way.

Many galactic politicians fear that Master Stastny's injury could have a disastrous effect on human-snorcon relations in the Belluo Nebula. Tensions there were already tight as peace negotiations fell through after the assassination of Snorcon leader Myylef Nuooo. Experts are afraid that the region could yet again erupt into chaos.

In an exclusive interview with CNN Universal, the snowblower that mangled Joe Sakic's hand was very quiet about what it planned to do as Interim Master of the Universe. Then someone realized that it was not plugged in and it proceeded to attack Wolf Blitzer.


  1. BMR's snowblower post quota has been met for the week. Thanks.

  2. I was looking for information about Okanagan Hockey Academy and I stumbled upon some information that caused me great concern. It's a blog called Okanagan Hockey Academy. I was thinking about sending my 14 year-old boy to OHA but if the information on this blog is true, I would never send him there.

    What can you tell me about OHA? Do they really have a crack house on campus? What are some good hockey schools in Canada where my son can develop and be relatively safe from harm?

    Is it true Kerr was fired from Port Alberni due to favouritism of his son?

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  3. That blog looks like it's along the lines of One big smear. However, I have never heard of this academy so I really couldn't tell you if any of the allegations are true/not.

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