Friday, December 19, 2008


In times like these we must be vigilant! We must stand strong and remember the history that binds us. We must never forget the Spokane Chiefs dropped the Memorial Cup. Despite efforts by the organization to mask this incident. It was an act of glory. One of great amusement.

It'd be like if the kids on the Breakfast Club decided to not act like they had bared their souls and danced that awesome dance in the library that one time in Saturday detention. It'd be like if Claire tried to be like "oh no, John Bender has no idea what color my undies are." They both know. We all know. There is plenty of column inches and youtubes to chronicle Captain Chris Bruton's bumble. But it's ok. It's charming and adorable and could potentially be worked into the next terrible hockey movie that Hollywood will decide someone like Michael Bay should direct. I mean, it could become a Jeopardy question. That might be a stretch. Whatever. The point is NEVER FORGET!

Anyways, thanks for letting me invade for the day. I hope y'all had fun. Also, watch the World Juniors. Keep an eye on Canadian netminder Dustin Tokarski. He is gonna make it hot.


  1. I think Chiefs are qualified for my favorite teams list. Not only they have red jerseys but they've also broke a cup. Too bad the other team which meet the criteria is as likely to win anything as Tampa

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