Sunday, December 14, 2008

This doesn't make it any better

You have to be smarter than the snowblower
The details are coming out in the Sakic v. Snowblower incident. It was revealed that Joe had been trying to remove a clog in the chute when he injured his his hand. By removing the clog, the blades turned and smooshed (medical term) his hand. So, no, he didn't hurt himself by diving headlong into the snowblower. That doesn't make the incident any less silly.
First, I have a general rule that I love by: Just be cause my arm CAN fit their doesn't mean it should. The only thing I ever put my arm in is a sleeve.
Second, what could possibly have clogged your snow blower, aside from, you know, snow? If it wasn't snow, then what did you have in your driveway? Better take a quick count on the kids, Joe. I'm assuming, though, that it was snow. Or ice. Either way, I can think of a couple solutions that don't involve reconstructive surgery. First, why not just wheel it in the garage? The ice and snow will melt, no worries. Of course, I'm sure you, like the rest of the world, don't have that kind of patience. What you would need then, is something long enough to reach the clog, but narrow enough to reach down the chute, something that isn't flimsy, in case you need to break apart the clog. Do you have anything like that, Joe? Do you have anything like that laying around the house?
You'll still be back on the ice before Gaborik


  1. And before Avery from the looks of it.

  2. The snowblower was cursed by Sundin, who wish to sign with Avalanche and tried to create cap space by forcing Sakic to retire

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