Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Islanders at Philadelphia)

That's two drinks right there!

I've taken a week off, thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday and Kevin's benevolent nature. Of course, in return, he wants me to crack out 412 posts by the end of the year.We're still negotiating. That being said, with this week off, you'd think I would be able to think of a really awesome drinking game this week. You'd think. Mostly though, I know that Kevin will be watching the Isles this week, and negotiations will be a lot smoother if he gets good and drunk on Tuesday. That being said, further ideas are appreciated in the comments.


... every time Kyle Okposo is on screen looking dumbfounded or completely terrified.

... for every piece of Scott Hartnell's equipment flung through the air.

... if you think you've had craps more Finnish than Sean Bergenheim.

... every time you are startled by a players continued existence. "Holy crap, is that Richard Park?!"

... for every blow to the head of Andrew Alberts. (I suspect Riley Cote will provide at least one)

... if you think you hear Kevin crying

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