Sunday, January 18, 2009

Al Strachan Says Something Intelligent Regarding the CBA, Salary Cap

Wow. This paragraph actually makes total sense. So what the hell was with all that nonsense the other day, Al?

Modify the collective bargaining agreement to allow salary retention (33 precent): The general managers want this change so that they can make more trades. At the moment, you can't trade away a player and continue to pay part of his salary, so trades are harder to make. Teams that suffer injuries find it hard to fill roster spots. Furthermore, fans, who love trades, get short-changed. The problem is that any change in the salary-cap rules would mean changes in the CBA and those are not easy to effect. They require approval of the NHL Players' Association and that usually doesn't come without a price tag. That doesn't mean that the PA is always unreasonable, but the owners don't want to set the precedent of tweaking the CBA.

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