Monday, January 19, 2009

Milbury: McGuire Wants to 'Pansify the Sport'

If you didn't watch the Penguins/Rangers game on NBC yesterday, well, you didn't miss a whole lot.

If you didn't watch the intermission report, you did. What you missed was Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire having a big hissy fit about fighting's place in the sport. McGuire's point was that we need to rethink it and evalute it. Not necessarily get rid of the thing, but think about where it's going in the wake of Don Sanderson's death.

To which Milbury retorts-- in classic Milbury form -- "Pierre, you're trying to pansify the sport."

It's a hilarious video and it likely would have come to blows if McGuire didn't have to report back to his post between the benches. Now that would have been must see TV!


  1. That was one of the worst intermissions I have ever seen. Its bad enough ESPN has become the disagreement channel but to see it done (and done poorly) on NBC only hastens the day I move to Canada and marry a moose.

  2. @BlackCapricorn I agree with you mate. Trish Stratus