Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As Islanders Meet With Local Goverment Today, Town Supervisor Goes On Vacation

From Islanders Point Blank:

The Town of Hempstead meeting started 30 minutes ago, but they have not addressed the Lighthouse yet. I’m in the crowded Hall and on Blackberry. Here’s all you need to know so far:
Charles Wang is here. Scott Rechler is here. Kate Murray, Hempstead Town Supervisor, is not. I’m told she is on vacation.


So this is one of the biggest private development projects in Long Island's recent history and you go on vacation?

Not only that, but the project has been through hell and back in the press this year -- their specific target, you, Kate Murray -- and you, um, go on vacation?


Consider this one of the biggest political gaffes in a long time (or just a really big slap in the face to Rechler and Wang). This wouldn't be a big deal if she had ever stated her opinion on the project. It also wouldn't be a big deal if she had shown up to Town of Hempstead Night at the Coliseum last Saturday. But, she has basically chosen to be a ghost when it comes to the Lighthouse Project. I can understand someone being on vacation, but this doesn't add up.

Well done, Ms. Murray. Well done.

*polite golf clap*


  1. Think about it: Would it be better if she went on vacation NOW, after they finished getting this ready or should she have gone a few weeks ago when they were working on all this trying to get it done?

    Seriously- there is no reason to encourage demonizing Kate Murray, it serves absolutely no purpose other than making Isles fans look like they dont know WTH is going on.

  2. @TheMetalChick: Fair point, for sure. But does going on vacation change the idea that she looks like she doesn't know WTH is going on? And then there's the whole 'lazy politician' stereotype that this only encourages.

  3. I dont disagree with that, Kev. And yes this definitely encourages the stereotypes.

    But Im just saying that Id much rather have her not be there today than have her not be there while they were getting all of that stuff done. As long as it doesnt hold anything back from getting accomplished, I really dont care WTH she does or when she takes a few days off. After all- she isnt queen of the TOH and she isnt in charge of all of this, anyway. People treat her like she is though because they want someone to demonize and blame when things are held up, etc. See what Im saying?

  4. Ah... Got ya. Def agree with you. That could have caused quite a sideshow today.