Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bryan Smolinksi, Air Golf Enthusiast

I'm not sure what air golf is -- I have a hunch it combines the thrills of hunting and golfing minus the killing animals part -- but this would be a photo of Bryan Smolinkski doing it. It also appears as though it's a nice sport for people who like to play golf but are, you know, too lazy to swing a golf club.

Smolinski was signed yesterday by the Port Huron Icehawks of the IHL and, maybe, this photo sheds some light on what he's been up to since he's been away from the rink. Smo hasn't played pro hockey yet this year (I think?) since his contract was up with the Canadiens at the end of last season.

So there you have it. Air golf and Bryan Smolinski. If that's not the most random thing you've heard today, then you must have a pretty interesting life. Or may ride the NYC subway.

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  1. On the NYC subway the other day a Cuban immigrant was telling everyone how great Cuba is compared to the US. Next time I will see him I will say, oh yea, do they have air golf in Cuba? I think not!