Thursday, February 26, 2009

Screw your team! LOL Islanders

Sure, I could do a thoughtful analysis, bring up ridiculous contracts, and all other reasons to make fun of the Islanders. But hey, why bother when I can just cruise the internets for crazy pictures and put some text on 'em? In honor of the Leafs playing the Islanders in an epic Battle for the Basement (patent pending), here's some LOLage:


  1. Kevin 1
    LD 0

    S'ok though, you're 1-1 over all. I'm 0-1 in the LOLoff.

  2. at least I had original jokes and didn't just go "1967" like every other Leafs basher.

    but ehn, not like I had much in the way to photos to look for. I concede this time...but only begrudgingly

  3. To be totally fair, if the Islanders managed to totally dominate for the rest of the season, and the Bruins lost every single game in regulation, the Bruins would still end a higher seed than the islanders.

    Where's the Tavares Picture?