Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Anaheim at Buffalo)

Jaro Spacek.... dreamy. Or is that Dan Akroyd?

If you've noticed, lately, we've spent a lot of time drinking to the Sabres. I don't know why Versus keeps putting them on TV over other New York teams, (say, the Rangers) but they do. My theory? Jaro Spacek.


... once when they say "goalie" twice for "goaltender" and three times for "netminder". Finish your drink for "Lalime the f'ing sieve"

... upon every reference to Sports Soup. Pace yourselves.

...if there are any ads for George Parros' El Camino dealership.

... If the Ducks' sponsor Oggi's is mentioned. Not being from Southern California, the name "Oggi's" makes me uncomfortable.

... if you picked either of these teams to win the cup this year. Ha! just kidding. You probably already are.

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