Monday, March 2, 2009

Do You Like Live Blogs? Good, Cause We've Got More Where That Came From!

Wasn't that Guerin liveblogathon a lot of fun? We thought so. Hopefully you did too. So come join us on trade deadline day (Wednesday) for a live blog of epic proportions. The gang here at BMR will be around to entertain you starting at 1030am ET and going all the way through the deadline at 3pm EST. You know you want to join us. In fact, you will, if only because it will be better than whatever you're doing at work!


  1. I am all over this like a bag of chips. There is no way any work is getting done on Wednesday as I lose myself in internet hockey blogdome.

  2. I have a paper to email in on thursday that I should do tomorrow, just so it's done