Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Minnesota Wild Are... In the Playoffs?

According to a website called they will be. Somewhere in the upper midwest a weatherman is very excited right now.

I have no idea how this website calculates these sort of predictions or how accurate they actually are -- it's Saturday and I'm way too lazy to bother fact checking anything -- but hey, it's something. Maybe one of the more daring readers out there will attempt to do so and risk injuring their brain on a weekend. I know I don't have the cajones to do that right now. 

The website also has the Penguins and Rangers locks for the postseason. Well, I guess they did make some good deadline deals, but we might as well at least let the Sabres and Canes have a chance, no? 

It's all fun and games until it's mid-April and you're the ninth place team. As Domi brought up in the comments the other day, this website may have zero rooting interest in the playoffs this year as all of our favorite teams may meet that fate. There are four of us here and one team is already eliminated, another still hasn't started the season and two more are fighting tooth and nail for the chance at a first round shellacking at the hands of either the Sharks, Red Wings or Bruins. 

Is this website cursed or do we all simply have poor judgement?


  1. "poor judgement" or crippling depression?

  2. Wild can make the playoffs as long as Koivu and Bäckström will be available for the Worlds

  3. what happens in the event that none of our teams make the playoffs? I propose lots of imbibing, if that's ok with you guys.