Wednesday, December 12, 2007

To Be Fair, TML Bashers Have No YouTube Skills Either

A few weeks back I went on a little bit of a rampage, posting various items at the FanHouse and BMR about how hilarious the Toronto Maples Leafs are. Some of it was deserved, and some of it was frankly some good ol' piling on. Today, I've got a theory for you to ponder. Could it be that at least part of the reason for all the madness in Toronto is caused by TML haters themselves?

Look, I know if I had people like this (see right) bashing on me all day and night, I might go a little nuts from time to time, too. So head on over to the right side of the post, watch the video, and if you decide after doing so that you want two minutes of your life back, well than don't come crying to me.

Next time we joke about the poor image editing skills of TML fans (they use MS Paint for crying out loud!) let's just remember that they may not be as bad as their haters. I mean seriously, what does Sir Mix-a-lot have to do with hockey??

I do have to give the video +2 for a sick burn, though.

"What do the Leafs and Titanic have in common? They both looked good until they hit the ice."

Well played. But -10 for making me think about Celine Dion.

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