Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don Cherry, Hot Pink Suits and Your Eyesight

By the looks of it, the world is still spinning. That's if I could see right now. My eyes are still recovering from watching Don Cherry on Sportscenter last night. Cherry wore a hot pink suit, which jived nicely with John Buccigross' pink tie. Apparently Bucci only got half of the memo on the night's attire.

On Sportscenter, Cherry did split screen talk with Bucci from Pittsburgh, PA. Melrose, however, was sitting comfortably in ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, CT. Hey ESPN, what do we have to do to get these two on the same sound stage?

But today, dear readers, I have a question for you. Both Melrose and Cherry were up to their usual entertaining antics last night and what I want to know is who had the more ridiculous statement. Was it Don Cherry who called Detroit 'a redneck town' or Melrose who called Evgeni Malkin's second period goal 'a 1000 mph slapper'. The latter probably has a few grains of truth in it, but what I think doesn't apply here. What's your opinion? Who made the more ridiculous statement?


  1. That suit jacket ruled so hard. I was jealous it wasn't mine.

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  3. Don Cherry was wearing pink around the same time he was speaking on behalf of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who's a dickhead. Cherry wore pink when he called Toronto bicyclists "pinkos" (did you see what he did there?) All he does is flap his gums for reaction. He's a blowhard.

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