Friday, May 9, 2008

Tonight, ESPN Will Change the Way We Look at Hockey Commentating

Mmm... Grapes.

The day is here folks. In a way, it almost seems as if the apocalypse as we know it is upon us. Hug your loved ones, lock up your daughters, board up the windows. Do whatever you need to do to prepare for the hurricane that is going to sweep across America, starting in Bristol, CT.

Tonight is the night that Don Cherry will appear on Sportscenter along with Barry Melrose. This is bigger than Ali-Frazier. It's bigger than Bird-Magic. It's probably not bigger than cookies and milk, a highly underrated snack. But other than that, it's big. Hair styles will clash. Suits will blind us. Cities will burn. The combinations are frightening.

Hold on tight, folks. We're in for one hell of a ride. Or maybe, to save time in the destruction of mankind, our heads will explode at the sight of it all. Hey, it could happen.


  1. Anyone have an ETA on when in Sportscenter (or re for our Canadian friends) the Apocalypse is supposed to occur?

  2. I'm not sure which one they are supposed to be on, but the main episodes every night are at 11pm and (i think) 1am EST. I imagine they'll probably be on at 11. And of course Sportscenter repeats throughout the morning.

  3. Oh man, when did the Penguins get Eric Staal? Good thing I stayed up to nearly one o'clock in the morning to get this kind of wisdom and insight into the game. If he put half as much thought into what he said as he puts into what he wears ... [rant]

    I am disappointed Barry Melrose wasn't on hand. Where was that guy?