Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mike Peca Chooses... Columbus! WTF??

Canadian Bobblehead Peca is not excited.

The verdict is in and Mike Peca has chosen to sign a contract for the upcoming season with... the Columbus Blue Jackets. I haven't been following the situation all that closely, but given all the rumors swirling around Peca and the New York Rangers, this move is a little surprising to say the least. And as you can obviously see, playing for a contender was not a high priority for Peca.

Here's some reaction from the internets...

Battle of New York
"Glen Sather opted to pass on signing Peca, and I for one feel it is a good non-signing. Leaving the cap room available should we acquire a defenseman is the first good thing that comes from this. Second, should Hosaa not be on the top line, replaced by Straka, it gives some kids a chance to compete for the third line center position."

Eric McErlain at the FanHouse

"...adding Peca to a team in search of an identity like Columbus seems like a no-brainer. Then again, one wonders just how long Peca will stay. No matter how much Columbus might improve this year, nobody has them projected to be a playoff contender, and it would make sense if Peca was simply looking for a safe place to re-establish his reputation on the ice ahead of next Spring's trade deadline."

James Mirtle

"In any event, this franchise has to make some sort of a move toward playoff contention in the near future, and I can't see it happening this season — even though there've been some strides on the blue line and in goal. Goal scoring remains the team's Achilles' heel and Peca doesn't help there."


  1. "Canadian bobblehead Peca is not excited"

    He also looks depressed and slightly stoned.

  2. so kind of realistic in that sense, i guess

  3. I'm a CBJ fan and I can't even figure this move out. If Svitov stays, Peca never comes here. I don't think he should even bother unpacking. He'll be playing somewhere else by the trading deadline.

  4. I am so in need of a Barry bobblehead. One with a mullet if available. Beard optional.