Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nascar and Hockey Go Together Like Tequila and BBQ Sauce

AP Photo/Ryan Remiorz

Two great tastes, why didn't anyone put them together sooner?

If you remember, MartyBrodeur was spotted at a NASCAR race back in August. It was a culmination of one of the oddest looking marketing ploys the NHL has ever seen. This time, the drivers struck back as NASCAR driver Patrick Carpentier (who?) showed up at a game in Montreal. The Habs even trotted out Guy Lafleur Himself to give the guy a jersey. Turns out George Gillette, Habs owner, is sponsoring Carpentier's car in the Nextel Cup.

Are these the first signs of a world in which hockey and NASCAR live happily side by side? No. Oh, God. Please, anything but that!

Thanks to loserdomi for the tip.


  1. I feel the need to point this out -

  2. Maybe it's a good thing. If the NHL teams up with NASCAR maybe that means more NHL highlights on SportsCenter.

  3. @casualhockey: mebbe.

    I think this was mentioned on Scotty's blog, but there are NASCAR folks who care about hockey. My brothers happen to be among them, although they don't get into hockey until January (NBC)

  4. So do you start with the salt and then go to the bbq and then to the tequila? Or bbq after the tequila? I am so confused.