Monday, November 19, 2007

2007-08 BMR Bad Boys Standings

Throughout the 2007-08 season I'll be using the handy dandy standings that you see to your right to keep tabs on the total number of games NHL players have been suspended for each team. At the end of the year, the team with the most suspensions will be crowned the victors and receive the BMR Bad Boys Award.

After receiving a four-game suspension yesterday for his slash on Mikko Koivu, Mattias Ohlund has put the Vancouver Cauncks on the board. As you can see, the Philadelphia Flyers are still far ahead in the lead, but with a little work they can be caught.

Only suspensions earned during the 2007-08 season or pre-season are eligible. Therefore, guys like Chris Simon and Rick Tocchet don't count since they earned their suspensions in previous years.

Let's recap the action so far... The Flyers earned an amazing 47 games thanks to the actions of Steve Downie, Jessie Boulerice and Randy Jones. Mark Bell earned 15 games for Toronto thanks to his off-season actions. Today, Mattias Ohlund got four games for Vancouver and Tom Kostopoulos got one game for Montreal. Teppo Numminen was suspended by the Buffalo Sabres but there has yet to be any official word from the NHL to the best of my knowledge, so Buffalo gets three games until further notice.


  1. What about Sean Hill and his roid-rage issues in Minny?

  2. @wufpirate: doesn't he have to, you know, play a game for the Wild (n crazy guys) first? Besides, if memory serves that started before this season, and is therefore inelligible for the count.

  3. I'm hoping those rankings change after Mr. Boogaard gets through with Pinky and Brain.

  4. @keith--which one is the genius and which one is insane?

  5. Montreal up to 2 games:;_
    /end threadjack

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  7. @wufpirate: sean hill was suspended last season originally so he falls in the same category as tocchet and simon.

    @loser domi: actually it's still one, I already counted that =)

  8. @kevin--oh, you're on the ball, never mind. I tried.

  9. wouldn't bell not count either? since it was 'earned' in the off season (actually the season before in SJ) and was just suspended this season. Just throwing it out there for the sake of accuracy

    Also at the rate things are going I'd love to see a Philadelphia vs. the rest of the NHL # as well.


  10. @nick: I was thinking of leaving it simply b/c of when the suspension was handed down; post 2006-07 season. You have a valid point, though.

    And you're second idea is great. You might see that on the site soon. ;)