Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Epic. Simply Epic.

I know it's all in a days work for the guys over at the Pens Blog, but they're the most consistently hilarious blog I've ever seen.

For example:

18 points

What else can even be said.
The Pens are at the point where they can climb back up the mountain. Or the wheels can fall off and everyone will die along the Oregon Trail like they almost did last year.
Ryan Whitney was sold for cattle

ROFL LMAO OMGZ LOLZ and all that stuff. I think I triple starred this morning's post in Google Reader while quadruple peeing my pants with laughter.

Keep up the great work boys. Even if the Pens aren't.


  1. If Ryan Whitney was sold for cattle, then Fleury was used for firewood.

  2. hahha Thanks for the love man.
    It goes without saying, you're a way bigger deal then we are haha.

  3. I think we borke the internet--I clicked on both links and all I got was the penguin--no post or anything like that. It's really annoying, especially sinec it seems like it was pretty awesome