Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Great One is a Nelly Furtado Fan. Naturally.

iTunes and the Phoenix Coyotes: an irresistible combination.
AP/Paul Connors

Once upon a time I said that the New York Islanders were probably one of the best teams in the NHL when it comes to using the internet to market their product. After taking a look at what the Phoenix Coyotes have going, they may soon challenge the Islanders for their title.

Under the 'multimedia' section of, the 'Yotes have uploaded an iTunes playlist for a few of their players and staff members. Among those are Shane Doan, goaltending coach Grant Fuhr, FSN's Todd Walsh, the Pack Dance Team and, best of all, the Great One.

Yes folks, an abbreviated version of Wayne Gretzky's iTunes playlist is available. How did no one think of doing something like this sooner? This is truly one of the things that the internet was invented for.

The Great One's list is nothing short of, well, um... I'll use the word 'interesting' and leave it at that. Here's a sample:

  • Someone That You're With, Photograph and Rockstar by Nickelback
  • Cuts Like a Knife by Bryan Adams
  • 100 Years and Superman by Five for Fighting (naturally)
  • Innocent by Our Lady Peace
  • Angel by Sarah McLachlan
  • Maneater and I'm Like a Bird by Nellie Furtado
Yes Wayne, you are like a bird.

Far be it from me to poke fun at someone's iTunes playlist, as musical tastes from person to person differ as much as our DNA, but this is really quite a rare assortment of music that Gretzky has come up with. It actually gets more interesting when you see that there's a Golden Earring song listed that isn't Radar Love. Who knew they even had other songs?

The following are some other choice musical selections from Coyotes players and staff.
  • How to Save a Life by the Fray -- Shane Doan
  • Crazy by Seal -- Todd Walsh
  • Fergalicious by Fergie -- The Pack Dance Team
  • These Boots are Made for Walkin' by Jessica Simpson -- The Pack Dance Team

From my perspective, the playlists put together by Shane Doan and Grant Fuhr blow all the others away. From Green Day, Audioslave and Incubus to Hendrix and Dylan it's all awesome -- but what do I know?


  1. The Sabres are doing this too. Every home game features a different player's musical selections which are then listed on the website and available for download on iTunes. It's been very amusing so far with my favorite discovery being that Jochen Hecht listens to Nelly.

  2. They mentioned this over at melt your face off yesterday. Then we had a little fun compiling imaginary playlists.

  3. err...perhaps a little easier to read?

  4. Anyone else notice that all of #99's artists are Canadian?

    He forgot Shania Twain and Celine Dion, though.

  5. When the bullet hits the bone!

    You didn't know that one? For shame, Kevin.

  6. The Pack Dance team sure has crappy taste in music.

    And good ol' Wayne with the Can-Con. I'm actually surprised his musical selection is so...recent. Are we sure his daughter didn't put up this list for him?

  7. Of course the Great One has rockstar in his playlist; he's in the video.

  8. I noted right away the Canadian content of the artists.

    Do Canada's local content laws apply to Canucks' iPods too?