Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pascal, Take Cover Buddy

Leclaire earned his 6th shutout of the year last night. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.
Jim Mone/AP

Oh, boy. Now you've done it Pascal. Now you've messed up real bad. If you thought that Gary Bettman had it out for you before, well, jeez. You're as good as dead now. You just had to go and make things hard for yourself, didn't you? A few wins and shutouts to begin the season weren't enough. You had to go and get greedy.

Setting a team record for shutouts in a single season by Thanksgiving weekend? You've got to be kidding me. That's the single dumbest thing that you could have done, kid. Sure, you'll get the girls and the money will be rolling in as soon as you sign your next juicy contract, but is it worth it? Pascal, you and I both know that Gary and his goons will be at your doorstep by the end of the week. They won't come immediately. You know, to make you squirm for a while. Then when you've relaxed a bit... BAM! There's a noose hanging from your front door, your car implodes and they've got the place surrounded.

Pascal, I know you did a really selfless thing by trying to save the entire country of Canada from Gary's wrath, but we both know that they're going to get whacked eventually. If not by Bush Jr. then by Gary himself. It's only a matter of time. I know, it's your homeland. That's not the point. You're young and you've got your whole life ahead of you. Please. Just reconsider what you're before it's too late. That's all I'm asking.


  1. Maybe it's just me, but it seems as if Pascal doesn't even see that puck that is behind him. Possibly divine intervention has something to do with his run so far.

  2. Note: I am referring to the picture posted

  3. Doesn't matter how many shutouts Pazzy gets this year.

    He will not be getting freaky with no ladies. Haven't you seen the pictures? He's scary ugly!